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TheChristianDirectory.Net ~ Frequently Asked Questions 
 #1 Why should I list with TheChristianDirectory.Net?
ANSWER: The internet is full of products, services and other things that Christians may want and/or need, however, it is also full of products, services and other things that are not suitable for our children and/or the edification of the Christian walk. We, behind the scenes at TheChristianDiectory.Net, won't claim that we will be perfect at accomplishing our goals, but we do intend on trying our very best to intercept and thwart any attempts to add "bad" stuff to or otherwise infiltrate our forums/listings with anything that would be anti-family, UNChristian and/or UNBiblical. One of our primary objectives is to create a more "Christian-friendly" and "family-friendly" environment. It is also our hope to generate a modest income in order that we may continue in our efforts to reach out toward the developing of the most comprehensive and informative, centralized Christian directory - one that you will joy in using to promote your Christian endeavors toward the furtherance of our Lord's Kingdom. If, along the way, you notice anything peculiar and/or obviously out of place in the things we approve for listing, please contact us using our 'Contact' form and we will check into it. Please be patient with us in terms of our response, in that decisions of this nature may require a good deal of prayerful consideration. Blessings in Christ, The Staff at TheChristianDirectory.Net.

 #2 Are there more reasons why I should get listed with TheChristianDirectory.Net now?
ANSWER: In short, yes. FREE LISTINGS in a professionally-developed website directory that is top-ranked with most major search engines, and is specifically dedicated to the purpose of listing, promoting and showcasing your Christian endeavors to further God's Kingdom can only be a good thing - for all involved - to you and to those searching for the services or events you are listing/advertising, of course - but also to TheChristianDirectory.Net and to the Christian family/community as a whole. The more listings and advertisements we are able to gather, the more comprehensive and informative this Christian directory and website can be in aiding fellow Christians to have a centralized place to come to find one another more easily! Remember: for as long as this website continues all "Basic Listings" are *FREE INDEED!!! Also, as of 02-22-2013, for a LIMITED-TIME ONLY, we are offering FREE *searchable* "Premier Listings" and FREE "Events Listings". Beyond that, we hope you agree that all of our 'Paid Advertising' services are very reasonably priced and affordable. Feel free to use our 'Contact' form to reach us with any questions, and we promise to respond in a timely manner, as best we can. (*Please see our 'Terms of Service' for any exceptions and/or exclusions.)

 #3 What happens to my listing after the FREE (*searchable*) "Premier Listing" trial period expires?
ANSWER: Unless you decide to continue your "Premier Listing" (a *searchable* listing), we then change your listing to instead being a permanent *FREE listing in our "Basic Listing" (*non-searchable*) directory. Please know that you will never be charged for, or in any way responsible to pay us for, any of our promotional services unless you, and/or the organization/business/event represented, make the decision to purchase any of our excellent paid advertising services. (Please do see our pricing though, as we know you will find it quite reasonable). For as long as this website continues though, all "Basic Listings" are FREE INDEED. The only time any listings are removed are when either you request that they be removed or we decide we must decline adding your listing for some reason. (*Please see our 'Terms of Service' for any exceptions and/or exclusions.)

 #4 Do I need to be a Christian and/or accept Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior to be approved for a listing in your directory?
ANSWER: In short, no. However, it is important that all seeking to list and/or advertise with us read and understand our 'Terms of Use' prior to doing so. It should go without saying that the demographic we seek to serve most of all are Christians...hence, the name TheChristianDirectory.Net. We reserve the right to decline any listing and/or advertisement, for any reason, at any time and without explanation. If, by chance, we find it necessary to decline a listing and/or advertisement that has already been paid for, then those who have paid for said listing and/or advertisement are entitled to reimbursement - in part or in full. If decision to decline during initial approval process (upon receipt of your listing submission), thus prior to active directory or website presence, timely and full reimbursement will be made. If, however, the decision to decline occurs after acceptance and thus after listing or advertisement has been active for a time in our directory (listings) or on our website (advertisements), then reimbursement will be made on a fair and pro-rata basis, depending on numbers of days during that month which said listing or advertisement has been active.

 #5 How long after I have submitted my information will it take for my listing to appear?
Once approved, any new listing should appear within a 24-hour period from the time of submission. Event listings may take a little longer for us to confirm information provided, so please be as thorough as possible, and be sure to submit any event listings in a timely manner. We (and you) want your event to have optimal exposure time and placement in our directory prior to date/time of your event's scheduled occurrence.

 #6 How would it benefit me to advertise my business, organization or event using banner ads and/or presentation pages?
Depending on how much exposure you hope to gain for your business, organization - and especially your Christian event, banner ads and/or presentation pages are a phenomenal way to help promote not only your business and/or social endeavors, but also to help promote TheChristianDirectory.Net's work on your behalf, and on behalf of the Christian community as a whole. The farther we help you reach out, the more others will reach back out to you - the more we can all connect with other like-minded Christians seeking to grow and connect the Kingdom family. More specifically though, were you to decide to promote your Christian initiative via banner ad and/or presentation page, you would be able to then link your advertising with TheChristianDirectory.Net to any other promotional efforts you may wish to invest your time, efforts and finances in for your event/business/organization. For instance, if you were to send out mass emails to help promote a Christian event, you could easily and quickly copy and paste weblink(s) to the placement page(s) of your banner ad(s) or presentation page(s) with us into your messages regarding the Who/What/Where/When/Why & How's of your endeavor. Those folks may then, in turn, forward your message on to still more people, and before you know it your event is destined for a great turnout - and hopefully even more will have an opportunity to come to know the Lord as Savior.

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